CTV/Utility/FSV New Building for Sale

CTV/Utility/FSV New Building for Sale

Chinese new build, shallow draft, 36m wind power maintenance/MPP workboat (OSV) for sale. This vessel could be used as support vessel for any marine and offshore structures.

Listing Description

Class CCS (IACS)
L/B/D: 36m X 10.5m X 4.95m
Design draft: 2.52m
Deadweights 64 tons
Lightship 182.6 ton
Displacements (Seawater) 246.6 ton
Design Speed ≥19 k
Endurance abt. 1000 miles.
Wave height for crew transfer up to 2.5m
180 sqm. deck cargo area, 2 x 40″ containers
Main engine: 1434kw@1800rpm x 2 sets Baudouin 16M33
Bow thruster: 6kN@37kW x 2 sets
Crew & Technician 22 PoB
The boat was delivered in Jan.2023, so far not been used and berthed at seller’s dock.
Ready for delivery.

All details without guarantee

Vaseem Ullah
+1 (386) 269-4359

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